Technical rider

215 KG

suited  for 3 adults   

WEIGHT tent  20 to 27kg

Woodbul’s Tent floating on the water  *

WB will swim !

On the water  or   attached to  the bank , on the riverside  or lake side , far from the crowded camping … Woodbul’s will let you very free.   It Is very resistant to….. holes  .

If the  wind is too strong  or you are afraid about large waves ,  you can berth and put  your Woodbul’s on the ground  . You just have now to rest and to wait until the good weather will  be back !

To go in  Woodbul’s

Enter in your garden room from 5 doors  : 3  frontside  and   2 backside

If you find hard to fix it because of the distance of the branche , or they are  too fragiles, WB has  – davanti e sul dietro -  2 x 2 handles  dynema type to hang :

-    a rope ladder

-    a  normal ladder

-    a rope bridge, …

you ‘ll climb  « foot look », the rope will be near a door

Woodbul’s Tent in the trees

    The tent rising up...!!

-Woodbul’s only on 1 tree  : the most complicated …

to practice  the climbing for  passing behind the  di ramo in ramo

  1. -Find a tree anhalf big  to build the tent  ( between) on the  branches.

  2. -Woodbul’s  on 2 trees  : the easyest  and frequent way to set

-Woodbul’s  on 3 trees  : the most stable  setting  situation

  this way let you the choice  of  orientamento tenda…


In a traditional  tent,  one of the primary drawbacks is there is no place to sit comfortably you don’t have a place to lean your back and rest properly :

The inside walls of Woodbul’s are very   strong and incline in such a way that  you can lean up against it.  

Setting time :

It takes about  half an hour to set up the tent.

For set uo  on stilts  or on the trees,  it requires  more time.

Woodbul’s :

Try  this  way to  relax..

   « Because the good places are rarely  flat… »

Woodbul’s garden room has been created to resolve  this  issue.

Tent trasparent hang from trees, fixed on  sloping ground  or floating on the water  , Woodbul’s… can be set up where  others tents cannot be.

    People with a lags handicap :

 you ‘ll surely find more easy to enter the tent because of

the highness 


Change your room in a  solarium

Convert, in just a few minutes .  Just open the zipper and  pull  the flysheet  back to let the sun in.                          

                                            Génial pour observer les étoiles.”

Comfort :

Woodbul’s, may be the coolest air matress in the world!

One of the key advantages  point  is the comfort on Woodbul’s is   floor  :

it is built like a drum skin,  tense over a compression ring . This system is very good also for  thermal insulation and  it allows  you sleep on a flat floor.                  ”yeah.!”



Woodbul’s has been designed  with a special  shape  so that  even when it ‘s raining,  you can let   the main door open( unless strong wind prohibits) .                                                                                                                                      “Dit maman c’est quand qui pleut ?”


The garden rooms Woodbul’s are built  to last , so they are always made with high quality materials , they arevery strong and  sturdy.


Woodbul’s is an ecological ‘green’ product  … respect nature and after being dismantled, it will leave the ground clean and safe.


37 bis rue Emile Goeury

94 140 Alfortville


00 33(1)43 76 19 04

Made in France

Woodbuls Tent on stilts

Woodbul’s does’nt care about  uneven surfaces !

Change your camp idea !  before you find it hard to wake up, and  the air mattress were too small  … but now you are’nt in a ordinary tent , but in a Woodbul’s!

The height of  legs is adjustable  :

      - you ‘ll be isolated from the ground :  stop the insects                        and will avoid the flooding too .

     - Very adapted for uneven surfaces or very  hard  slope 

-    You will be higher to have  a look on the landscape 

-    People with a lags handicap :  you ‘ll surely find more easy to enter the tent because of  the highness  .


OPAQUE  or   TRASPARENT, it ‘s up to you…

To enjoy the beauty of the landscape  , Woodbul’s is built with a double roof  made of “ PVC poliestere  »  a plastic trasparent material and very strong.

In the morning, when the sun is rising up, it will warm up naturally.   To avoid  overheating, you just open the doors.

The interior tissue protects you from being seen from outside  and you can choose to close either partially or all the way.


“De l’ombre et de la fraîcheur même en plein soleil”

Made in France

Pour tout renseignement, contactez Jean-Luc Planche 01 43 76 19 04

Usually, if you leave a tent outside for about 3/4 of a month you’ll find it spoiled quicly, but you don’t have this problem with Woodbul’s :  you can easily set up your garden room at season’s beginning and can remove it the before winter. Woodbul’s can resist several years and it doesn ‘t spoil in cold.

However ,if the weather is extremely cold

(- 30°) the sun roof should not  be touched

. It could be frozen and breakable.

Misuse, accident or spoiled by time? 

ALL Woodbul’s elements could be easily repaired or replaced  ( contact us). 

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